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les Marchés

les Marchés

GRANDE TERRE MARKETS (HIGHLANDS) Pointe à Pitre markets Pointe-à-Pitre markets have a strong local reputation, but he markets’ distinctive aroma, colours and flavours are an exotic experience for tourists. . Saint Antoine market Market days: every morning 6am - 2pm, Monday - Saturday Location: At the intersection between Frébault, Peynier and Saint-John-Perse streets On the stalls: Mainly spices, the exotic smells are enticing and impossible to resist, you will certainly bring some of these precious flavours back with you to spice-up your dishes when you return home. Darse market Market days: every morning 6am - 2pm, Monday - Saturday Location: opposite the place de la Victoire in Pointe-à-Pitre. On the stalls: Fresh produce, hot peppers, punch, rum and other local products Flower market Market days: every day 6am - 2pm Location: in front of the St-Pierre-et-St-Paul church. On the stalls: Tropical plants and flowers. Bergevin market Market days: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 3am - 1pm Location: At the corner of the boulevard de l’Amitié-des-Peuples-de-la-Caraïbes and the quay Lefèvre towards the Lauricisque port On the stalls: The largest fresh produce market with a large selection of local fruit and vegetables. Man Réaux or Saint Jules markets Market days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Location: in the northern district, at the intersection between rue du Cimetière and avenue Youri-Gagarine. On the stalls: authentic Guadeloupe products, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, this is a local market, surrounded with buildings and known by few tourists. It is recommended to request permission, before taking photographs. Abymes market Wide selection of local products Market days: every Friday Location: facing the Salle des Fêtes Moule market The Moule farmers’ market invites you to meet local producers and sample their high quality products. The atmosphere is warm and pleasant. There is a flea market on Louis Delgrès square, previously Place de la Liberté between 7am and 1pm every second Sunday in the month. Market days: Wednesdays 3pm-10pm Location: Boulevard du Général de Gaulle. Saint François market The night market, Saint-François is a warm and authentic display of all the local fruit and vegetables. You will find everything, from yams to cristophines, not forgetting plantain and star fruit, as well as a fantastic opportunity to taste sugar cane or coconut juice or take away savoury Créole specialities. Market days: Tuesday, 5.30pm – 8pm Location: place de la Rotonde. Sainte Anne markets ````````````````beach market Authentic local atmosphere guaranteed for this little market on the edge of a beautiful beach. You will be invited to sample exotic fruit and vegetables from the famous Antilles madras-covered stalls. All sorts of spices, such as Caribbean salt will tempt you and you will enjoy a wide selection of punch and infused rum. Craft stalls will also catch your eye with locally made baskets, wraps or jewellery. Market days: every day. Location: along the Bourg de Sainte Anne beach. Night market A produce market with all the local flavours: bananas, pineapples, mangos, maracuja , coconut, guava, manioc, yams, bread fruit, gourd, cristophines, sweet potatoes… Antilles sea-food specialities are also available to take away. Market days: every Thursday from 6pm onwards Location: at the Espace Valette, near the Sainte-Anne municipal stadium Gosier market The night market displays a large number of craftst stalls, with jewellery, baskets, and a wide selection of locally crafted objects. Market days: Friday 5pm – 10pm Location: in the town heights, above the sea, on the two main Gosier streets.

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  • les Marchés

    les marchés sont à faire. certains se ressemblent beaucoup de par leur produits très touristiques. punch épices fruits.... . plats tout prêt à manger sur place.

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