Habitation Murat

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A pretty park with a medicinal plants garden and a superb view on the lagoon towards the Dominican islands.The main house remains intact, the factory and mill are in ruins.

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  • Habitation Murat

    Very interesting visit and despite the lack of English on the presentation boards we got the idea. The restoration has been carried out well.

  • Habitation Murat

    Hat uns gefallen! Eintritt ist frei, Museum eignet sich zum vorbeischauen, alte Mühle und Herrenhaus sind schöne Fotomotive

  • Habitation Murat

    Did not expect such an interesting and informative visit, thanks to the panels dotted around the site (shame that the audio on most of them are out of order). The small museum house a nice collection of various objects and the curator is a mine of information and a delight to talk to (in French). The grounds and the views from the first floor of the house are stunning. Don't miss the herb garden and the walk starting at the gate. A well defined path will take you on a circular easy walk through pastures, sugars cane fields and woods. Very enjoyable. (Pictures on

  • Habitation Murat

    Beaucoup de soleil ! Peu d’endroits frais

  • Habitation Murat

    Joli cadre. Les éléments sont bien mis en valeur. L'exposition d'objets est un peu éclectique mais assez intéressante

  • Habitation Murat

    Cadre et vue agréable. Visite sommaire mais néanmoins intéressante. Les vestiges sont bien mis en valeur.

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